Project finished

Symet was my first beambot. He didn't look quite like this in his first incarnation. Since I wanted him to be more compact, I rebuilt him with three capacitors riding on top of a walkman motor, and two calculator solarcells in an angled position on either side of the capacitors. At the same time I replaced the original FLED solarengine with a 1381. This enables him to trigger in really low light, and travel at least a couple of centimeters in every pop. I've later replaced the motor with a less efficient one, and since this made the movement very small, I also substituted the solarengine for a suneater. The final version can be seen above.

Capacitors: 47000 uF Dynacap
Solar cell: Panasonic 22*24 Motor: Scrapped walkman motor
Solarengine: Suneater 4 by Steven Bolt
Sensors: Direct mechanical
Contruction time: 7 h