Project on hold

Quattro will be my fourth popper-style robot, hence the name. The goals of this project is to simply make a photopopper with a slightly more complex behaviour (back-up capability etc.), and if possible make it as active as possible. I'm still looking into different circuits, nothing decided yet. However, looks like it will be a solar powered Droidmakr's Roller_PV circuit. I don't know if I'm going to finish this bot or the PICbot, only enough parts for one of them!

Awaiting assembly...

Capacitors: 2 * 0,33 F goldcaps in series
Solar cell: Panasonic 33*37 + unknown 12*33
Motor: 2 * Mabuchi FW-11 pager motors
Solarengine: Roller_PV + Miller solarengine
Sensors: Quad photodiodes, Dual feelers
Contruction time: ?