Project on hold

After seeing Terry Newtons PICBOT 2 I realized I had to make one of these. This is more or less a clone of his bot. Originally I used a dynacap for power storage and stacked HC245:s as motordrivers. This turned out to be too heavy, so the dynacap was substituted for 1 F goldcaps and I made standard H-bridges for motor drivers. Now the bot is almost complete hardware-wise, but for some reason it discharges itself when I plug in the PIC. Wierd.... so, I'm currently debugging this bot. I'm not to satisfied with the h-bridges either, might change to surface mount 245;s, we'll see...
This project has been put on hold untill I can get some new state-of-the art components (aerogel capacitors etc...). I'm also thinking about rebuilding the whole bot, for the second time...

This is what the bot looked like in its first (actually second), to heavy, incarnation:

Motors: ?
Power storage: Aerogel capacitors?
Solarcell: Panasonic 33*37 mm
Brains: PIC16F84
Sensors: Dual feelers, dual photodiodes, 1381N
Construction time: Who knows?