Biology Electronics Aesthetics Mechanics

BEAM is an acronym standing for biology, electronics, aestetichs, mechanics. In the BEAM philosophy, you build robots with a simple elegant approach that uses minimalism and tries to mimic nature. BEAM is an excellent way for beginners in electronics to start.
But why build beam-bots if you already have a basic understanding of electronics? For me, there are several reasons. Since you often use components from scrapped equipment, it feels like you give new life to things that otherwise would just end up on the scrapheap. Beam-bots are generally cheap to build. They are small, and hence cool. One of the main reasons for me to build solarpowered (wich almost all of my bots tend to be) beam-bots is that they seem to have a life on their own, they do their thing no matter if someone is watching or not. And it is great fun.
On these pages I display some of my creations. Feel free to browse around, and do not hesitate to ask questions if there is something you wish to know. However, you might want to check the links section for FAQs first, there are a lot of sites out there that gives newbie-specific info. Have fun and keep that crazy scientist inside alive!

Updates 2004-03-15

Some new info about alternative sensors for the Kvasar dreammask. Other than that not much happening, but I might start working on some new code for the Kvasar and maybe a PCB for a really compact version that someone else is working on.

Updates 2002-08-14

All work on bots have been put on hold as real life once again rises its ugly head. However, if you are interested in lucid dreaming, I've put up some info on how to make your own dream-mask under Kvasar in the menu to the left.

Updates 2002-06-21

Was a little bored, so I made a magbot hopper using components just laying around, check "hopper" for more info. And, for those of you who celebrate it, have a nice midsummer!

Updates 2002-06-18

Tri-bug is finished, even though it isn't running on a type 3 solarengine as was the original plan.

Updates 2002-06-14

Two new photopoppers in the works. Tri-bug and Quattro.

Updates 2002-06-11

The PIC-bot has been put on hold since it didn't work properly and I needed it's components to fix my other bots. Presently working on a compact photopopper with a type-3 solarengine (tri-bug).

Updates 2002-06-04

Due to me attending university, I haven't had much time for robotics these last three or four years. But since I still get questions about my bots, I've decided to put up this updated page at solarbotics. Since I've been un-employed for the last month, I've actually also tried to finish my PIC-bot clone, more on this as the work progress.